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Set of 3 Booty Resistance Bands: Easy, Medium, Hard

Build your BEST booty with our Kbooty Bands! Introducing our Marble Collection’s Premium Bands. This accessory is great to incorporate into lower body workouts to help sculpt, tone, and build your booty. Made out of high quality, durable fabric, and non-slip natural grips, these bands are ready to keep up with all your sets and reps. Stretchy, with just the perfect amount of resistance, making it a versatile piece to use at the gym, while traveling, or at home. 

Offered in a set of 3 with different resistance options:

Light (our marble band offering light resistance)
Medium (our grey band offering medium resistance)
Heavy (our black band offering high resistance)

Each band comes with a FREE Booty Band Workout Guide displaying different ways you may use the resistance band as well as a mesh carrying case!

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